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NBA Breakout Players: Cleveland Cavaliers

Published on 17 December 2020 at 20:03

The NBA is most exciting when young stars are budding across the league. The talent pool is ridiculous in the Association. Some players are just waiting to sprout into the player they have the potential to be. It is best to take this subject by division since I want to pick a breakout player for every team. The Central Division holds the Bulls, Pacers, Bucks, Cavaliers, and Pistons. This division has been riddled with paradigm shifts since Jordan entered the league in the 80s. With each team looking to regain control of the division over the leading Bucks. They will each need all the help they can get. The key to that is finding great talent from within. 

Kevin Porter jr. has had recent legal issues involving firearms (Photo By: USA Today Sports)

The most overlooked rookie from last year's draft class was Kevin Porter Jr. A rookie averaging double digits and playing good defense with as exciting a play-style as he should have gotten more notoriety. To go along with being the underdog picked last in the first round should have created some buzz. Sadly, Kevin plays for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers may be the most embarrassing franchise in the sport as they almost managed to go 11 seasons with LeBron James without a championship. Luckily, LeBron had an all-time 2016 performance and brought a chip to Cleveland. While the LeBron phase is well over in Cleveland, they have a bellow of young players and draft picks they hope to hit on. Kevin Porter Jr. is one of these players and has shown legit skill in his first year. He was the best perimeter shot creator on the team last year. Guys like Kevin Love and Andre Drummond force the team to have a post-centric style, but Porter was one of a few bright spots on the outside.

Porter has a documented off-season of hard-work and drilling to become the best player he can be. Footage of his training has circulated the internet, and his shot looks much improved. While I do not envision a 20 point per game season for Kevin, I do see other areas of improvement. His three-point shot will become more efficient, and his play should start to turn some heads. By season's end, he will be a top-five sophomore in the league, with the prospect of being a top-three scoring option on an NBA team someday. Overall, Kevin Porter was not my favorite player from last year and may not take this jump so early in his career, but if anyone on the team can do so, it's him. All it would take is some sufficient coaching and an increase in his involvement in the team's gameplan to make this former late-round selection; the steal of the draft.

Author: Daniel O'Donovan

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